FC24 supplier form

Rate Information:

    • The current selling rate can be found on the sell form within your console below.

Selling Procedure:

    • Upon receiving orders, we facilitate the sale of your cards.
    • Payments, reflecting the total amount utilized for that day, are sent to you every 24-48 hours.
    • Typically, all items are sold within a 48-72 hour timeframe.
    • Bank payments are not done on weekends and can take up to 7 days to proceed.

Market Volatility Clause:

    • We reserve the right to deny or halt the selling on your account at any point due to market volatility or any other unforeseen circumstances that may affect the stability and predictability of the market

Payment Calculations:

    • Please be aware that the snipe delivery method necessitates us to buy and sell cards from your account.
    • Each card sale incurs a 5% tax, which is not absorbed by us.
    • Consequently, the amount you submit is not simply multiplied by the rate; the tax per card and remaining balance at the end of our service must be considered.
    • A general method to estimate the final amount is to deduct 10% from your total coin amount.

Understanding and Agreement: It is imperative that you comprehend and agree to these terms prior to submitting your cards for sale. By submitting your request, we assume that you have read and AGREED to all terms.

    Supplier terms

    Payment Methods
    • PayPal 
    • Skrill (2% fee)
    • PSN/Xbox Codes (2% fee)
    • Bank (2% Fee)

    Keep in mind currency conversion may be different by a few cents depending on the current conversion rate of GBP to USD/EU. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Can I still use my account after submitting to become a supplier?

    A. While you are on our supplier list we will need access to your account at all times until your coins are sold. If you want to use your account (either on console or web app), that is fine, but you MUST send us an email to Support@futcoinsniper.com to let us know that you are logging on, otherwise if you disconnect us mid-delivery you could lose us and yourself money.

    Q. When are payments made? 

    A. Payments are made every 24 hours for the amount of coins used for that day. Payments will be made until we are finished using the account.


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