Sell Your Coins to Us

Current Rates: £5 ps4 / £5.50 Xbox per 100,000 coins.

How it works

Thank you for choosing us to sell your hard earned Fifa coins. This makes us feel so valued. As you know, we do an amazing job whether its buying or selling. Our standards are unrivalled.

The current rate is £5.00 per 100k; the prices are subject to change due to the volatility of the market during this early stage of FIFA. Please keep this in mind.

As orders come in, we use your account to deliver. At the end of each day, we send you a payment of the total amount that was used for that day. We continue this until all coins are sold. We pay every 24hrs, so if your coins sell before 12am on any giving day, we will pay around 3am USA time on the same day. 

We do not simply “buy your coins” we use them as supply. Generally most coins are sold within 24-48 hours. Sometimes during good promos, they can be sold within hours.

Please note: the snipe delivery method requires us to buy and sell cards from your account, every time we sell a card back your Ultimate team market, there is a 5% EA tax on all these cards, this is not covered by us.

What we pay for: Total coins delivered to customer, undercuts on customers account to speed up sale, and missed snipes.

Payment Methods

We use PayPal (fees varies based on country, UK Bank (2% fee) , BTC (and other crypto currencies 2%), TransferWise (2% fee) , Skrill (2%fee) also offer PSN/Xbox codes (2% fee)

The reason for the fees: We lose fees by sending it to a our UK PayPal and then to UK bank. This allows us to flexible with our payment options.

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